Why use a coach?

Almost every world-class athlete uses a coach.  People who are truly committed to reaching their goals understand the value of an objective partner.  It is hard to see ourselves clearly.   Many of our strengths and weakness are obscured or hidden from us.

In order to create an amazing, rich, full, prosperous, abundant, meaningful life, we need to understand better how we are at cause of what is in our lives now – and have a better view of what is possible for us to create in our present and future.

Because we can’t see ourselves clearly, our progress is slowed, stopped, or sabotaged. What most people do is continue to improve the parts of their lives in which they know they excel and neglect the areas in which they feel deficient.  This is like trying to run faster while being tied to a large rock; it is a much more efficient use of time and energy to untie the rock than continue to strengthen legs that are already strong.

But if we can’t see the rock, we will continue to push and push, not knowing why things are so difficult.  What is needed is a second pair of eyes with the experience to not only see the weakness, but to help you see it, too, and assist you in turning your weakness into a strength. A life coach.

So why doesn’t everyone have a coach?

The reason is that people often prefer to opt out of rich, fulfilling parts of their lives than expose their weaknesses. The very thing that would benefit them the most is the thing they are least willing to do. They view their weaknesses as something shameful to be hidden. Ironically, the most successful people are willing to risk this kind of exposure–indeed they yearn for it! They often pay enormous amounts of money to get their weaknesses exposed because they know the investment pays for itself many times over.

People who achieve their goals do so not because they are stronger than others. They achieve their goals because they are willing to fail repeatedly, get back up, assess the weakness that caused the failure, readjust, and eventually succeed. Whether you are a world-class athlete or just trying to lose 10 pounds, the secrets to achieving your goals are the same:

  • Be clear on what it is you want
  • Fully assess the challenges getting in your way
  • Create a plan or goal
  • Act
  • Get feedback along the way on what is and isn’t working
  • Practice new skills to develop in the areas that are not working

Do these things and eventually you will succeed.

Different people get caught at different steps along the way. Some people get stuck on just being clear on what they want, others get stuck when it comes to action, others avoid feedback, others want feedback but can’t get it, while others get stuck on all the steps. The point is that everyone gets stuck at some point along the way. Life coaching will assist you through those stuck periods so you can maintain your momentum and ensure that you reach your goals.

  • Are you doing what you love?
  • Is your general experience of life as joyful and fulfilling as you would like?
  • Is your relationship with your significant other as rich and connected as it could be?
  • Are you advancing in your career as much as you could?
  • Are you in the physical shape you would like to be?

Most people end up just lowering their sights or giving up. This is the only life you have–why not live it as fully as you possibly can?

Having a life coach is an investment in yourself from which you will reap the rewards many-fold during the course of your lifetime.

Start the journey today!

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