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Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Why do I have things in my life that I DON’T WANT or that I SETTLE FOR?
  • How can I get from where I am to a life that is full, rich, and deeply satisfying?
  • What are the nuts and bolts of constructing the life of my dreams?
  • Where can I get the tools that will give me even more freedom and power in the world?
  • How do I calm the inner critic and transform into an inner cheerleader?

Why “group coaching”?

  • Peer learning – sharing with and learning from your group members
  • Less “on the spot”, which gives you time to reflect on and integrate your insights
  • Dynamic and active group sharing and discussion
  • An environment of mutual help and support
  • Great way to try out coaching
  • Economical – costs less than individual one-on-one coaching

Whether you are new to the study of the law of attraction and/or manifesting transformation, Cornerstone Coaching is your access to living a transformed life.

What Does Group Coaching Look Like?

Group coaching is accomplished using the internet and “zoom” software. The group will also have its own Facebook page to discuss/ask questions and support each other with their specific goals.  There will be a total of 9 sessions over a three month period.  Each even session lasts 90 minutes.

This is an online, interactive class.  I will be presenting powerful topics each week and there will be opportunity for questions and sharing throughout.

With the Zoom software, we will all join a “room” and everyone’s faces will show up. You will be able to speak, although I will mute everyone until they “raise their hand” to speak.

The session is performed live. You are expected to attend each session and participate.

Each week you will have homework and practices which will induce breakthroughs and solidify new ways of being.

Once you have paid for your coaching, you will be invited to the Facebook page. I will also email you a link to our Zoom room and a link to my calendar where you can schedule a 15 min setup session.  During the setup session, you will join me in the zoom room and verify that you are technically working perfectly.

You should expect to spend no less than 2 hours per week on your homework and practices if you want to get all the benefits available through the program.

Coaching schedule (Wed 6:00-7:30PM EST) Starting Date May 6th 2020

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