The Living Course

Personal Growth

The Living Course (TLC) is a unique personal training program that combines group interaction, exercises and intense instruction to help you improve yourself and your relationships with others.

ChangedThis is a transformational personal growth weekend course designed to help you get what you want out of life.  It will enhance your ability to experience life more powerfully, enabling you to make things happen.

A weekend format with almost 30 hours of learning activities is used to help you better focus on your relationships and how to enhance them.  You will experience stepping beyond your barriers, providing the possibility of new freedom to fully express yourself and achieve your dreams.

You will leave with a lighter, more energetic feeling about yourself, and with new skills for creating your dreams and reaching your goals.

Individual Attention with Group Support

As a participant, you will have the entire weekend to focus on your goals.  The course will show ways people act and react, so you can better understand your motivations.  The weekend offers an opportunity to look at where you are holding back from getting all that you want out of life.  The instructors, assistants, and students work together to develop ways to reach individual goals.  The course allows you to interact with others on a deeper level.

TLC Content:

  • How to achieve more joy and satisfaction in your life.
  • How to overcome self-imposed limitations.
  • How to embrace new challenges.
  • How to strengthen relationships.
  • How to communicate more effectively.
  • How to develop self-confidence and personal power.
  • Add more direction, passion, and purpose to your life.

The Course

Please see the following link Personal Development Community Organization to get dates and prices.

Your $895 course fee includes:

  • 30 hours of personalized instructional activities
  • Opportunity to assist in unlimited additional courses at no charge

During the weekend, instructors allow every participant the opportunity to discuss personal goals and perceived obstacles standing in the way.

Through discussions and introspection, the class develops into a team of problem solvers, dream builders, and more powerful people.

To ensure for individual focus, group size is limited to 24 students per weekend program and is customized to help people meet the goals that they set for themselves.

It is an exciting, LIFE-CHANGING experience in personal development!