About David Traub

David Traub has been coaching, teaching, and training individuals for over 25 years. His background includes leading seminars and workshops, nationally and internationally, on Wealth and Abundance, Personal Development, and Relationships for individuals and corporations worldwide.

For the past seventeen years, David traveled extensively, delivering, and training others to deliver, powerful personal development programs designed to inspire and empower people to create the life of their dreams.  He conducted personal and business seminars nationally and internationally, creating profound breakthroughs and extraordinary learning experiences for thousands of people.  David has coached and mentored for industry luminaries such as Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, and others.  His extraordinary ability to connect with his clients, inspire them to take on more than they ever believed possible, and transform their lives is what makes David exceptional.

David’s career, prior to becoming a transformational leadership coach and trainer, was in the computer programming and software development industries where, for 33 years, he created, owned and sold several successful entrepreneurial businesses. In his extensive business endeavors, he practically and effectively utilized both the Law of Attraction and his personal transformational skills from his own life.  His ability to balance the seemingly disparate arenas of business pursuits and personal development, makes him uniquely qualified as a coach and mentor for others wanting to change the direction of their lives – in any area.

Known for his generosity of spirit and his willingness to go above and beyond, David truly contributes in an exemplary way with his team and with his clients around the globe.  Having spent considerable time traveling and teaching throughout the U.S., as well as internationally, having studied many cultures, and having traveled many spiritual paths, David brings an elevated level of universal understanding to the coaching he does with his clients.

David is an experienced trainer, teacher, and life coach in the areas of business, spiritual growth, self-help, and awakening our individual consciousness. If you want to develop the skills to excel in business, create healthy relationships, find your life purpose, and master the psychological skills and spiritual practices required to increase success and happiness in your life, you will find David to be a skilled and gentle teacher. If you need a spiritual life coach or coaching in business, relationships, happiness, personal growth or other life skill, please call David for a free 15 minute discussion of your needs.

For more information from David, read Who I am as a coach.

Everyone deserves to know that they are loved and connected.  ~David Traub