Group Coaching Session Outline

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Session 1

Let’s Get Started

  • Welcome
  • Promise of The Program
  • The Cornerstone Principles
  • Signs of Land
  • Foundation Agreements and Guidelines
  • Clearing the Runway
  • Exercises and Coursework


Being Responsibility & at “Cause”
Signs of Land
Being Coachable

Session 2

What is Our World

  • Introducing “Distinctions”
  • Responsibility as Power – 3 levels
  • Revealing Negative Energy & Resistance
  • Do We Really Know What we Want?
  • Self Acceptance & Compassion
  • Exercises and Coursework


Distinguishing Distinctions
Levels of Responsibility
The “Being of Human Beings”
Self Acceptance I

Session 3

Designing a Clear Path

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • Beliefs vs. Facts
  • Identifying Limits From the Past
  • Clearing Techniques
  • Distinguishing Resentment
  • Exercises and Coursework


Limiting Beliefs
Want vs. Need
Past, Present, Future
Being Clear, Present and in the Moment

Session 4

Gratitude – Everything Has Value – If You Say So

  • There is Only “Now”
  • Gratitude as a Way of “Being”
  • Access to Abundance
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Exploring and Experiencing the Flow
  • Exercises and Coursework


Community and Being Related
Past, Present, Future

Session 5

Staying Inspired- Playing Full Out!

  • Antidote to Resentment
  • Defining Your Game
  • Deepening the Distinction “to Create”
  • Start with the End in Mind
  • Results vs. Accomplishment
  • Exercises and Coursework


Creating from Nothing
Resentment II
Results vs. Accomplishment

Session 6

Creating Abundance – It all Starts With Your Mindset

  • Making Your Game Real
  • Creating the Flow
  • Visualizing What You Want
  • Being an Observer
  • Exercises and Coursework


Abundance and Generosity
Vertical / Horizontal Planes
Being the Observer

Session 7

Letting Go – for What’s NEXT!

  • Cycles Everywhere
  • What is Moving, What is in Limbo
  • What are we Holding on to
  • Trust and Letting Go
  • Inspired Action
  • Exercises and Coursework


Want vs. Needs II
Cycles of Life
Trust I
Being Right
Letting Go vs. Giving Up

Session 8

Honoring your “Self” – Self Acceptance is the Key

  • Current Predicament
  • Self Appreciation and Freedom
  • Limiting Beliefs and Self Concept
  • Intention = Outcome
  • Exercises and Coursework


Self Acceptance and Love
Childhood Wounding
Unconscious Intentions

Session 9

Acknowledging Accomplishments—Be Complete

  • Sharing the Breakthroughs You have Manifested
  • Creating a Structure for the Future
  • Most Important Job: Encouragement
  • Distinguishing “the Gap”
  • Creating What’s Next
  • Program Completion


Completion/The Gap
Acknowledgment as fuel
Signs of Land II

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