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Let’s get a feel for each other, see if we’re a match, and if coaching is the right path for you. I’ll answer any questions and we can talk about what you’re looking for and where you want to be. From there, we can set up a free sample coaching session.

Hire me

It’s a go and you’re ready to roll, we will then set up a time for our “Discovery Session.” This call takes about 40 minutes and entails digging deep, exploring core values, your future self/vision, goals, passions, and what you specifically want from this relationship. You’ll custom fit me to what works best for you and we will design our alliance based on your needs and goals.

We then schedule 3 appointments that occur monthly for 45 minutes each via telephone. You’ll be responsible for calling me on time. Between sessions we will stay in touch through email and I will also be available for short 5-10 minutes calls if needed. There will be homework at times, actions to be accountable for, and dreams to be realized.

Monthly Coaching Service Includes:

  • Three 45-60 minute coaching sessions over the telephone.
  • Reviewing weekly assignments.
  • Assessing your history and goals.
  • Research and resources provided as needed.

You can choose Breakthrough Coaching or Cornerstone/Confidence Coaching:
All coaching is client-goal oriented. We will partner in discovering, clarifying and moving towards your life goals.

Breakthrough Coaching

Is a three-month intensive designed to help you discover, uncover, or breakthrough limiting beliefs or habits and create a new “way of being” in the quickest amount of time possible. If you have something in your life you want, or you are highly committed to rapid change, you might consider this “coaching bootcamp”. We will distinguish limiting beliefs that are stopping you, and will create very specific actions to clear these beliefs and generate true results in your life. The intensive program is a lot of work. You need to consider if you are willing to put in the extra time between sessions doing homework and making the most of the program.

Cornerstone / Confidence Coaching

This program combines the traditional aspects of Life Coaching (active listening, partnering, goal setting, accountability, etc.) with a broad-based curriculum. It covers a variety of topics, such as responsibility, self acceptance, law of attraction, and limiting beliefs. You will learn how you are creating the life you have and how to create the life you want. You will be given specific practices that will allow you to take your understanding from your intellect into your heart and daily practice.
Ultimately, your life will be centered around more fulfillment, satisfaction, passion and connectedness. This will become your new way to be in the world that requires less effort for more results!

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