David:Thank you so much for opening my eyes.  You are a true Blessing in my life.

Warm Regards


My coach, my mentor, my friend!

I have been coaching with David for several years and I can honestly say it has changed my life. David is amazing and incredibly talented at what he does.

I can only attempt to describe what coaching with David has meant for me and my life. Coaching initially started 4 years ago as coaching on attracting more of what I want in life (i.e. material things) Coaching actually turned into this beautiful process of learning forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, acceptance and love. David pushes me to see what really lies beneath. He encourages me to grow and to shift my awareness. Whether the shift is subtle or intense David is always there to guide me with encouragement, words of wisdom, a different way to see things and a ton of humor.

All of the beautiful, loving compassionate qualities that I see in David, I can now see and acknowledge in myself.

David, thank you so much for being a part of my life and sharing your love and wisdom!


Hi David,

It continues to be a wonderful experience working with you since we began over 6 months ago!

I have been both humbled and delighted by your insights into what is needed to release my creative engine.  No longer do I require the conditions of those who have gone before me to create what I want.  The simple act of creation is mine, and I have learned to set my own precedent.  The impact on the abundance in my life as well as those around me is rich with rewards.

The coaching was absolutely miraculous, especially since my family and I just returned from the results – a three week vacation to Europe.  It’s simply wondrous to experience the outcome of the my intentions!

I honor your wisdom, wit and well being.  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and care in launching me into renewed life!


Tom Stenzel

Dear David,Before the coaching program, I didn’t like the results I was creating but I didn’t exactly know what to do or how to go about changing my circumstances.  Yes, I had somewhat of an idea but what I really needed was personal one-on-one coaching.  That’s when I applied for the coaching program.  What I learned was way beyond my expectations.  I am so grateful for David Traub, my personal coach.  He helped me to face my limitations and learn new ways of moving past my limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life.  It’s not just about positive thinking.  With the coaching program, what makes it unique is that he really gets you to focus on what’s holding you back and you learn how to break through your own personal barriers of resistance.  Now I know how to get the results I want and if blockages come up, I know exactly what to do.  I feel so much more in control and I have an inner peace that wasn’t present before.  Life is more exciting and I am taking inspired action.  If it wasn’t for direct, personal one-on-one coaching from David Traub, I probably would still be no where in an uninspired and unfulfilled life.  Take action now and life will never be the same again.  I am so happy, and my family is too ,that I decided to invest in myself.

Thank you so much.

Dear David:My heartfelt thanks for being my coach and guiding me through amazing discoveries and insights in my quest to release old patterns and behaviors to create the life I have dreamt and desired for so many years.

Sometimes the deepest changes appear subtle at first.  It was only after reviewing my notes taken over the last six months and seeing what had been written that I realized how much I had learned and changed.  What seemed impossible is becoming a reality.

Most importantly, I have learned that it is in the end up to me to take responsibility to become the person who creates the miracles in my life.  I am grateful for so much already.  I am certain I will think of a million more things to say in thanks.  For now, I look forward to the next step in our journey.

David, thanks for being my coach and guide in this marvelous adventure!

Warm regards,


A BIG THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL COACH DAVID TRAUB:I’ve just finished my coaching program and want to thank you for his amazing program, that changed my life completely! And acknowledge you for the great work that helped, -and still helping- me and many others.

Before I got started with the program, I was restless, and not sure whether it’s going really to work or it’s just another thing I’ve tried and did not work. I had lots of nagging what if the program was not good for me, what if I didn’t do along well with my coach, what if, what if, and what if…

All these (what ifs) ended almost instantly, after the introduction call made by my coach, rather, my WONDERFUL coach, David, he was so friendly, warm, and easy to talk to, that made me feel ease and trust simultaneously, This feeling accompanied me till the end of my program.

When I look at my self then, and now, I feel I have really, really, to gaze hard to recognize me, I feel that I hardly have any similarity to this person –me- and hear my self saying WOW what a big changed I have mastered with the help of my Coach! With him I didn’t need to prove anything, I felt security, trust, confidence, open, inspired, he taught me to look within rather than without in order to better my life-quality, open my eyes to see the good things arround me that were always arround me and I never was able to notice them before!

I learnt from him values, principles, methods, that, not only I’ll never forget, but I adapt it as a second nature, that gives me the power to face every challenge in my life no matter what.

I am so grateful to you my dear coach David, whom never to forget.

Keep up the good work,

Lots of love


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