Healing Our Aloneness

I have concluded that the belief that we are alone is one of the deepest wounds that our modern society is faced with.   Even shoulder-to-shoulder, even in the middle of a party, people continue to generate the story that they are alone.  Unseen, unknown, unheard … and thus, truly unloved.

Whether shouting and demanding attention or withering into a corner, the motive and belief is the same.

Paradoxically, we can’t really know ourselves within a context that has us alone.  To truly be with yourself, is both the antidote and proof that you aren’t alone.  The ‘experience’ of alone tends to generate some story about ‘why your alone.’   And that ‘why,’ is a lie.   That story is the whisper we don’t listen to — but its vague echo is enough to create doubt.

Problem is that most people don’t know how much they are running from intimacy.   Intimacy with self is the precursor to intimacy with others.

Be courageous and face the story, face the fear.  Why do you *think* you are alone?  Why do you think the world works that way?  What are you afraid to find out about yourself that you run from.  What is your fear of self-intimacy?  It *is* a lie.

Make friends with it, or you will forever run, forever miss the party that you have a standing invite to.

You are not alone.   Everyone deserves to know that they are loved and connected!



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