Human Feeling Broken

Human Feeling Broken

Let me make one observation about being human…

Humans emerge from childhood with a mistaken notion of their competency, capabilities, character, and lovability.  An adult human shows up feeling like they have to be or do something to be loved.  In other words, adult humans feel like they are not good enough as they are; they mistakenly feel like they are broken.

We all need work or improvement.  Right?  Do you think it is actually true that nobody is good enough?  Or, that nobody is lovable exactly how they are without some kind of enhancement or improvement? Of course this is wrong; the crazy thing is that we know this intellectually, but still don’t reconcile this with our hearts.

Statistically speaking, it is highly likely that you feel like something about you is broken or needs to be fixed.

How many people can get in touch with that feeling?  How many see that they have suppressed the feeling?  I am talking about your feeling, not what you know is true with your head.


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