Integrative Breathwork

Integrative Breathwork is a safe and accessible means to carry us deeper into our inner wisdom, our creativity and ourselves. Evocative music and simple, controlled breathing techniques induce a state of consciousness in which it becomes possible for you to delve deep into the unconscious. This workshop offers a space for you to experience a safe journey of personal healing and transformation.

Integrative musical breathwork puts us in a consciousness state where we travel upon our soul’s wider inner landscape, and can see the bigger picture of our lives — our greater story — and that of Humanity’s as well. — Jacquelyn Small

About the Breathwork

Our methods provide healing, inspiration and self-empowerment and are making real differences in people’s lives.

Methods Utilized

  • Integrative Breathwork
  • Psychospiritual Group Process
  • Symbolic Artwork
  • Focused Spiritual Intent

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased self-understanding
  • Access to higher consciousness
  • Relief from stress
  • Healing of emotional trauma
  • Improved recovery from addictions
  • Restoration of physical health
  • Greater vitality

$125 if registered by two weeks before the session.
$140 if registered within two weeks of the session.

Space is limited, please call or register if you are interested.
For more information about The Eupsychia process and Integrative Breathwork, visit

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