Our first communication in the world is being touched. We are touched by people that love and care for us. And it means we can live.
Our ancestors lived together — often huddling close to each other for warmth. Alone, un-touched was death. Connected, touching was life. This wasn’t a judgment — it was a truth.
Often in our modern world, the only time we are touched is by someone that isn’t really seeing us; maybe the touch is perfunctory, or it is an accidental, unintended touch, or even an abusive needy touch — and so many people then start to associate touch with some kind of invasion — some type of inconsideration … not realizing that they are starved for it at a deep level.
We can easily forget that touching gives life. Some people are so starved for touch, they don’t even know that it is missing until they are touched by somebody that cares.
Touch has become alien for many people — in their quest for individuality and independence, they have become virtual atoms…alone and insignificant.
We are nothing in the context of aloneness — in our separateness. Our purpose and magnificence is revealed in the context of connectedness — in being part of — in literally touching and being touched by others.
When we intentionally touch someone, we let them know they mean something to us — and thus we experience that we mean something as well. We are not atoms but instead part of something much larger. When atoms are together they form matter — we matter.
Touching transcends the mind as we can’t grasp how significant it is. Time can stop in a touch. We have direct access to the universe because we experience that we are no longer confined by the illusion of separateness formed by the boundary of our skin. We are all at once bigger than we know ourselves to be. Even if we don’t understand this, we have the experience of it if we are watching.
The more we touch physically, the more access we have to experience ourselves as always touching, always connected.
Abundance and fulfillment exists only in connectedness. So touch is a pathway to everything you ever wanted!

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