Who I am as a coach

Who am I as a coach?

I facilitate prosperity in all areas of my client’s lives.  Ultimately, my clients remember that they are loved, and connected to something far greater than themselves.  This frees them to be the best they can be in any area they choose to excel in.  I love and honor the human process even though it can sometimes be confusing or painful.  I help my clients discover what makes their lives meaningful, purposeful and rich.  My purpose is to remind my clients that they are far greater than any circumstance, and, with patience, they can create anything.  Although I lead with love, I spent 35 years in the business world so I live and coach from a very practical, pragmatic perspective.

Who am I?

Although I spent over 30 years programming computers, I have a sensitive heart and keen intuition.   I was once driven only by my mind, but now my heart gets to drive most of the time.   This is no small accomplishment for a man that spent most of his life completely emotionally shut down.

I am in a 25 year old loving committed relationship with a woman that I fall more deeply in love with every year.  We have fought hard for what we have together and I appreciate how hard it can be to make relationships work.   We love working with couples together because we both have a deep appreciation for anyone willing to work for a connected loving partnership.

I have a dream to make the world one big family.  I am perhaps a bit ambitious, but it gets me excited to think about and move towards it. I am working to make my dream come true by training teachers and coaches to wake people up to what is possible for them.   My “Oneness” course is a weekend initiation into community and a practical exploration of how to create your life to be anything you want.  I hope that I can make it explode across the globe – I have instructor training for this course in Russia scheduled for October of this year and already have 30 teachers that are committed to making this happen!

I am passionate about helping people discover or remember how powerful and loving they really are.  I can quickly identify limiting beliefs that impede my clients’ progress towards their goals.  I am most proud of my ability to stimulate powerful goal-oriented results while at the same time significantly improving my clients’ quality of life.   It is crazy how much energy people spend trying to be good enough (or respected or whatever version of this) and most of that energy is misdirected towards efforts that only create more splintering of self and less love of self.

Who is My Ideal Client?

I enjoy working with someone trying to find balance or meaning in their lives.  I want to work with someone that has a work ethic, that isn’t afraid to work hard, but is looking for an easier way to have more of everything – especially quality of life.

I want someone that has an interest or openness to spiritual possibilities.

I have done a lot of work clearing my past and don’t enjoy working with people that are unwilling to move beyond their old stories.  I most enjoy working with professionals that don’t see how to create results and increase their true happiness.  I see that many successful professionals are trapped by their success.  They are unable to see a way to continue to increase their prosperity and develop a deep, meaningful, sacred life experience.

Everyone deserves to know that they are loved and connected.  ~David Traub