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Self Acceptance And My Body

I was outside in the cold weather in my bathrobe and bedroom slippers emptying Clorox bottles into my pool system.  As I sat on the couch afterwards feeling my numb hands — and considering the silliness of what I had done, the implications starting coming on.  Not only is it very cold outside, not only…

Personal Growth Can Be a Distraction

I will never forget my first experience with personal growth. It was like a bomb of light went off and illuminated the world in a way that I never imagined possible.   Everything looked different.   For once, I didn’t know how things worked — it was all a mystery — and somehow, this other ‘world’ was…

Who are you in the big picture?

Imagine a small circle the size of a penny.  Consider that this circle is what you know about yourself — your conscious awareness of yourself. Imagine a circle around that circle as large as a bicycle wheel.  Consider that this circle represents your unconscious.  Maybe your shadow self, maybe your unconscious beliefs, maybe unconscious motivations….