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Human Feeling Broken

Human Feeling Broken Let me make one observation about being human… Humans emerge from childhood with a mistaken notion of their competency, capabilities, character, and lovability.  An adult human shows up feeling like they have to be or do something to be loved.  In other words, adult humans feel like they are not good enough as they…

Who are you in the big picture?

Imagine a small circle the size of a penny.  Consider that this circle is what you know about yourself — your conscious awareness of yourself. Imagine a circle around that circle as large as a bicycle wheel.  Consider that this circle represents your unconscious.  Maybe your shadow self, maybe your unconscious beliefs, maybe unconscious motivations….


Acceptance is not about being a doormat, or about settling for anything — it is about seeing what is, and not fighting with it, not wanting it to be different. IT is as IT is, and no amount of energy will make IT different, we fight only with the reflection of ourselves that we judge….